Shadowrun novels

The Dragon Heart Saga: a Shadowrun trilogy

Dunkelzahn the dragon’s election as President promised the dawn of a new era of peace. But the hopes of a nation disintegrate with the powerful explosion that assassinates him.

Book 1: Stranger Souls

Stranger Souls (Book 1 of the Dragon Heart Saga) by Jak KokeRyan Mercury, Dunkelzahn’s secret agent, is on a mission of great urgency involving dangerous magic. Behind enemy lines, Ryan must escape and recover the talisman known as the Dragon Heart before it falls into the wrong hands.

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Book 2: Clockwork Asylum

Clockwork Asylum (Book 2 of the Dragon Heart Saga) by Jak KokeThe spirit Lethe teams up with Burnout, a cyberzombie with a vendetta against Ryan Mercury. Together they gather an impressive arsenal of allies and weaponry, using the Dragon Heart to lure Ryan into a deadly trap.

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Book 3: Beyond the Pale

Beyond the Pale (Book 3 of the Dragon Heart Saga) by Jak KokeRyan must deliver the Dragon Heart to the Thayla before the Enemy finishes their bridge and lays waste to the world. If Thayla falls, can metahumanity be far behind?

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Stand-alone Shadowrun novels

Dead Air

Dead Air - A Shadowrun Novel by Jak KokeWhen Jonathan Winger — leader of Los Angeles’s superstar Combat Biker team — sees his teammate die in a crash with an opposing player, he vows to seek revenge, only to become the next target in a deadly conspiracy.

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The Terminus Experiment

(with Jonathan E. Bond) The Terminus Experiment - A Shadowrun Novel by Jonathan E. Bond and Jak Koke

When Rachel’s boyfriend is abducted, she hires shadowrunners to find him, only to learn he’s become a test subject for a special strain of the virus that causes vampirism. It’s up to Rachel and her vampire hunter friends to rescue him before he transforms.

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