The obsidimen of Tepuis Garen have a deep kinship with each other and the earth from whence they are born. The youngest of the Garen brotherhood, Pabl Evr, returns home to find his liferock attacked by miners and threatened by a perverse magical force.

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The Edge of Chaos

The Edge of Chaos by Jak Koke

The touch of the Spellplague lingers in the valleys of the Vilhon Wilds. Roiling with blue fire and strange aberrations, the Plaguewrought Land outside the city of Ormpetarr lures pilgrims hoping for a spellscar, and its attendant powers, to their deaths. But an elixir crafted by a clever alchemist might hold the secrets to surviving the trial — or if the Order of the Blue Fire has its way, may unleash the Spellplague once more.